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REZONYAC Golden Citrus 50CL

REZONYAC Golden Citrus 50CL

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Strength 38.5%ABV

Our Golden Citrus Spirit is a luxurious and refreshing drink that is ideal for any occasion. This spirit, made with the finest ingredients, has a perfect balance of sweet and tart citrus flavours, as well as a smooth and velvety texture that will tantalise your taste buds. Our Golden Citrus Spirit, infused with a subtle hint of gold, not only looks stunning but also provides a unique and memorable drinking experience. Enjoy it on the rocks or add an elevated twist to your favourite cocktail. This is an ideal addition to any home bar or thoughtful gift for a loved one who appreciates the finer things in life. Try our Golden Citrus Spirit today and taste the difference!

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Unique Flavours + Authentic Story

Welcome to REZONYAC, where our unique handcrafted spirits meet sustainability, history, and a little bit of magic. Our drinks are made on the beautiful Black Sea coast using small local family farms' citrus, resulting in a golden-colored spirit boasting a strong citrus flavour and aroma with 39% ABV - perfect on the rocks or mixed in cocktails.